The Afeka Center for Language processing (ACLP) is part of the Afeka Academic College of Engineering and is a unique research, development and instruction laboratory located in Israel and specifically dedicated to the field of language processing.

The center’s activities include:

  • A research and instruction laboratory for speech and text processing
  • Joint R&D projects with the industry
  • Grant funded research projects
  • Consulting services to corporate, government and consumer industries
  • Specialized courses for language processing professionals
  • Project opportunities for final year students

The center is lead by Prof. Ami Moyal, previously CEO of NSC, who has over 20 years experience in the field of Speech Recognition. The research team includes Dr. Vered Aharonson, a specialist in text processing and emotion detection, linguists specializing in phonetics and discourse analysis, signal processing and speech recognition engineers and various research consultants.