AVIOS (Applied Voice Input Output Society) was launched as a non-profit organization for speech technology professionals nearly 25 years ago. AVIOS sees great value in bringing together all of these application sectors, customers and professional interests, in a single speech forum, for continued opportunities to share best practices, to identify synergies, and to leverage advances in one application area across a range of other areas.

The Israeli Local chapter AVIOS was officially announced in 2005. Dr. Nava Shaked is the chairperson of the local chapter and an active member of the AVIOS board. Recent years have witnessed the growth of the speech community in Israel. Israeli companies and startups have raised the interest of the international community for with their ingenuity and creativity. AVIOS Israel leverages the best practices, and shares them across our speech community. For the past 5 years the annual AVIOS Israel conference has attracted hundreds of participants - both clients and suppliers.

AVIOS Israel sees great value in cooperating with the academic world to create a technological and commercial synergy and to help educate the new generation with best practices and professional values. The cooperation with the Afeka Academic College of Engineering and the ACLP (Afeka Center for Language Processing) is a major step in this direction.

This year, the AVIOS-Afeka Speech Processing Conference has invited 3 members of the AVIOS board to share their knowledge with us, Dr. Sara Basson of IBM, USA and Dr. Matthew Yuschik of Convergys, USA will be providing professional seminars and the world's leading Speech Industry professional Dr. Michael Cohen, the head of speech development in Google, USA will be presenting the keynote address.

Words from Dr. K.W. Scholz, President, AVIOS

It has been long recognized that a most effective vehicle for facilitating communication among professionals is a national or international conference where participants meet face-to-face to share their latest technical achievements from the podium or the conference room.  As a long-time believer in the importance of such communication, AVIOS has sponsored regional, national, and international conferences for over a quarter of a century.  We have conducted these throughout the US as well as Europe and Israel, and as plans unroll for our 2011 conference in Israel, we have chosen to combine Afeka College resources with our own to create an even more significant offering. The AVIOS-Afeka collaboration establishes credentials which will not only attract key presenters and participants, but will also appeal to significant corporate sponsors, ensuring the event’s financial solvency.  Hence, after 29 years of conference sponsorship including 6 in Israel, we are confident that the 2011 AVIOS-Afeka conference will be an event worthy of participation by leading speech technology professionals from around the world.